Flash Delivery


Snappy Shopper is a grocery Delivery service based in Dundee which offers grocery delivery through its grocery app SNAPPY SHOPPER “empowering local retailers”

what are the posistives of SNAPPY SHOPPER :

The posistives of the snappy shopper model are it leverages local retailers infastructure and enables the local retailers to compete with “big boys” by using the snappy shopper app the benefits of this to snappy shopper is that the model is asset lite unlike some of its competitors : go puff, Getir, gorrillas which have asset heavy models, this meaning that snappy shopper can invest more money on marketing


The negatives of snappy shopper model are it follows a plug and play approach when it comes to training the local retailers this meaning customer satisfaction is low click here to view they also have a marketplace approach meaning that there are various different local retailers competing for customers in the same local areas, the negatives of this are a loclal retailer who is spending ther own money on marketing will also be growing someone elses business.


Flash Delivery is completly different to its compettitors : snappy shopper, getir, go puff and gorrillas because it follows a franchise model whilst empowering local retailers this meaning local retailers can join the flash franchise and deliver through the flash app the benifits of the franchise model are that flash delivery can ensure quality control throughout its stores meaning higher customer satisfaction, another benefit of the franchise model is that it is asset light because it use local retailers store infastructure and stock to deliver a great customer experience

in conclusion flash delivery and snappy shopper both have different models which they feel are best in class you decide which grocery delivery model is better NOW !

Flash Delivery